FIST CARE - Fist Care Manufacturing Company (FCMFG)

We start this by planning according to the specification sheets and produce the proper designs in our Research and development department, after that we source and purchase the material in raw form, finalize the design of the product then proceed to cutting department. We provide our material to the worker with those specific designs and spec-sheets. Then it is ready for the induction department the following stage is
stitching under the skilled staff.

Our supervisors keep keen eye on each stage of manufacturing process under the strict supervision of their relevant Managers. They maintain the quality of work on each stage of production by checking and inspecting with the help of quality control and quality assurance department.

Finished products then undergo by the Final Random Inspection (FRI) after ironing and products are packed very carefully and dispatch to the customer on right time. The availability of the raw material is not an issue for us because we have network of reliable suppliers round the globe. We import raw material according to our manufacturing requirement.

As well as being the best manufacturers in the world we are very well aware of our social responsibilities and workers rights.

We fulfill the demands of all the workers. We provide all social resources to our staff. We give a lot of facilities to our workers like as we provide the corporation social responsibility very well.

We have some strict principle in our company such as child labor is not allowed in our company. We give a lot of benefit to our old age staff. We also give social security to our workers so they do their work a great satisfaction.

Here are some of the main labour laws covering factory employees:
= Occupational Health Safety
= Social Security
= Welfare
= Old Age Benefits and Life Insurance

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